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A Scalable Mindfulness Solution
Our Mindfulness Challenge draws on the most well researched evidence-based model for learning meditation, along with teachers who are both meditators and highly trained to deliver mindfulness interventions in organizations.

5 weeks to lasting change...

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Mindfulness programs have a strong history of helping people to reduce stress, improve mental and physical health while at the same time improving resiliency.
These exciting benefits are now backed by science and are most recently being studied in the world of neuroscience. Almost exclusively, the evidence-based research about secular mindfulness programs, which can provide these types of changes, show the need for consistent practice over time with an experienced teacher helping participants gain the powerful insights that lead to long-term change. The Corporate Mindfulness Challenge is a way to make that happen in a large organization!

The Science Behind Mindfulness

This program includes a 5-week curriculum which offers participants a flipped classroom model for learning. The program includes five half hour videos which include the didactic components for the program. The participants will watch one half hour video per week.

Experiential Learning through Practice

Participants have guided 10 to 20 minute meditation practices they can listen to daily. The science behind mindfulness has shown that meditation practices should be a minimum of 20 minutes per day for structural changes to the brain to happen.

Group Coaching

Weekly half hour coaching sessions are offered each week with a certified mindfulness instructor to coach the participants, and to shed light on the vital aspects of mindfulness which can easily be missed when people try to practice on their own.

Scalable Model

Our platform all happens on a website that can be accessed via a computer, tablet or phone. Participants have access to; Four guided meditation practices, Homework for each week, Links for the video sessions.
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Step up to the challenge!

Elevate your organizations well-being with our exclusive demo of "The Corporate Mindfulness Challenge". Experience firsthand how our program can foster a healthier, more focused, and resilient workplace environment. Request a demo today and embark on the journey to a mindful corporate culture!