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"The Mindfulness Standard took some of the stress out of teaching mindfulness for me! I was so grateful for a single location that supported the development of course materials and management of student registrations, while also providing a professional platform for students to access all materials and recordings."
— Meghan Slining PhD
"As a mindfulness teacher, I have found that the Mindfulness Standard website is a valuable resource for offering classes in MBSR. The website is designed in a way that makes it easy to keep all of your documents organized for me as a teacher and for the participants in each class. All the resources that you would need are already there, and there is a way to build in your own unique resources as well. There are many features that make teaching a class much easier and streamlined. Two of the features that I find really helpful is the ability to promote the class, set up links to the class and add these links to any advertising you are doing. The other feature I like is the ability to integrate Stripe of Pay Pal into your account so that participants can easily sign up and pay for the program with providing discounts to people very easy. That is a big help since dealing with the financial end of things has been the challenging part for me in the past. I have always had support from Colleen along the way as well as other teachers. I feel supported and part of a community of teachers that want to bring the life-changing teachings of MBSR to as many people as possible. I would not lead an MBSR class without the support of Mindfulness Standard, because now everything is in one place and I can just launch the next class right from my saved classes on the website."
— Bill McCracken LCWS
"Beyond all of the many practical reasons for joining the Mindfulness Standard, I am truly pleased to be in regular contact with serious professionals in this field. As a coach, Colleen brings extensive experience and knowledge to every individual and group encounter. She has been available to me from start up through every step of running mindfulness programs using this platform. Both Colleen and Jeff have been amazingly responsive to my questions and needs. After many years of teaching on my own, it is wonderful to receive their kind help. Mindfulness Standard is bringing a breath of fresh air into my professional work, just when I need it. I am very pleased."
— Anna Salamone, RN LCSW

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